Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Lovers VI

The Lovers card depicts vulnerability, the need for commitment and the healing of a relationship. The couple in the picture are naked, except for a garland of flowers they are each wearing. Their nakedness signifies both their vulnerability and the need for truth and openness. Their complete eye contact indicates that there should be no secrets between them and they must learn to trust each other. Whatever has gone before, there is still much ardour and passion, and a strong bond between this couple. This is symbolised by the white Arum lily they are both clutching symbolising their desire, and the ferns representing a sacred bond.

The Lovers card in a spread foretells the forging of a new relationship, the strengthening of an existing one or two people (not necessarily lovers) working together to overcome problems. The angel in the Lovers Card is the Archangel Raphael, who is associated with health and the healing arts. He is there to oversee any healing that needs to take place and extends his arm in a gesture of blessing.

There is a significant presence of balance in this card. The couple represent both the male and female aspect, the sun is placed firmly in the centre of the card and the six-pointed star is composed to two equilateral triangles, one pointing heavenwards and the other towards the Earth.

Although the card speaks of trust, commitment and healing, there is a strong element of choice. Will the presence of the Archangel be acknowledged or ignored? Will healing be allowed to take place or will the wall of defences be left in place through stubbornness and pride? Will the Lovers choose to work through their differences and gain the fruits of life that are pictured here in symbolic form? Peace, represented by the white doves, is the ultimate goal and possibly constancy and everlasting love in the form of the Bluebells. A choice lies ahead. One's own intuition should be relied upon to make the right one, the choice that is worth working for.

This is my interpretation of The Lovers Card. Please comment if you have an alternative or if you see anything I have missed.