Saturday, January 9, 2010


The card shows a young girl astride a lion. She is holding a caduceus in one hand while steadying herself with the other by gently grasping the lion's tail. Above her head is the sign of infinity, the lemniscus and, higher still, is the sun. There is a mountain in the distance and a palm tree in the foreground.

The card is entitled 'strength', but it is not just all about physical strength. There is a great need for powerful inner strength, courage and self-control. The card suggests an imminent conflict or challenge but the relationship between the girl and the lion shows that we are not alone in the struggle. The girl is not using force upon the lion and it seems happy with the situation; in the same way someone (or maybe more than one person) will be there to help if we are willing to co-operate.

The symbol of the sun represents our Self and our relation to the cosmic whole. When we feel assured that we each have our own part to play in the great system of things, that each of us is special and important, then we will feel happy and content.

The Lemniscus, the sign for infinity (figure of eight), symbolises equilibrium.... a balance of forces. We need physical health, as is suggested by the caduceus which is the symbol of the medical profession, and we also need mental and emotional health. So we shouldn't pay particular attention to one aspect of our lives at the expense of another.

The palm tree is a symbol of victory. We need to guard against allowing unworthy impulses overcome us, whatever they might be.... alcohol abuse, drug abuse, anger, gambling, anything that could cause a great deal of unhappiness. However, the palm tree is there to remind us that we can be in control of our lives and deal with conflict, in fact not only deal with it but rise above it.

The mountain in the distance tells us that there will always be challenges to face. If there weren't, life would be very dull. However, we can always meditate upon the Strength card when we feel the need for balance, inner strength and the ability to co-operate with others, opening up to them and accepting their help.