Saturday, January 9, 2010


The card shows a young girl astride a lion. She is holding a caduceus in one hand while steadying herself with the other by gently grasping the lion's tail. Above her head is the sign of infinity, the lemniscus and, higher still, is the sun. There is a mountain in the distance and a palm tree in the foreground.

The card is entitled 'strength', but it is not just all about physical strength. There is a great need for powerful inner strength, courage and self-control. The card suggests an imminent conflict or challenge but the relationship between the girl and the lion shows that we are not alone in the struggle. The girl is not using force upon the lion and it seems happy with the situation; in the same way someone (or maybe more than one person) will be there to help if we are willing to co-operate.

The symbol of the sun represents our Self and our relation to the cosmic whole. When we feel assured that we each have our own part to play in the great system of things, that each of us is special and important, then we will feel happy and content.

The Lemniscus, the sign for infinity (figure of eight), symbolises equilibrium.... a balance of forces. We need physical health, as is suggested by the caduceus which is the symbol of the medical profession, and we also need mental and emotional health. So we shouldn't pay particular attention to one aspect of our lives at the expense of another.

The palm tree is a symbol of victory. We need to guard against allowing unworthy impulses overcome us, whatever they might be.... alcohol abuse, drug abuse, anger, gambling, anything that could cause a great deal of unhappiness. However, the palm tree is there to remind us that we can be in control of our lives and deal with conflict, in fact not only deal with it but rise above it.

The mountain in the distance tells us that there will always be challenges to face. If there weren't, life would be very dull. However, we can always meditate upon the Strength card when we feel the need for balance, inner strength and the ability to co-operate with others, opening up to them and accepting their help.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


Align Center

My apologies are going out to the people following this blog. I have sadly neglected it in favour of spending time outdoors! Now that Autumn is upon us and with the arrival of wet and windy days, I will perhaps continue soon from where I left off.

Until then, bright blessings to you!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mastery VII

In most decks this card is called The Chariot, but in the deck I use (Tarot of the Old Path), it is called Mastery.

It pictures a man, clad in armoured breastplate, driving a chariot pulled by four horses. The horses represent the elements, the white one symbolising water, the blue horse with stars represents air, the green one stands for earth and the orange horse represents fire. He has an equal grasp of each of the reins suggesting that he is in control of the mission he is on. His confident determined expression shows that he is focussing fully on what lies ahead and his armoured breastplate means that he is ready to confront anything. The crab on the breastplate represents the astrological sign of Cancer. Cancer is a feminine symbol in astrology and here again is the balance, the yin and yang being shown in the cards ~ a strong powerful male character whose symbol is feminine. In everything there is balance.

His equal grasp on the reins of the elemental horses does not mean that this person is controlling the elements, but that he is making full use of all the resources at hand. This could mean working in conjunction with people around him who are involved in his situation or who can help. Lose control of just one of the horses could mean everything going awry, so co-operation is important.

Although he paints a vivid picture of someone driving wildly forth, the rider of the chariot knows full well that his strength and power alone are not enough and could alienate people around him; the sprig of hazel he carries represents knowledge and wisdom and he must rely on these qualities also.

If we are embarking on a mission, whether it be a relationship, career path, health issue, etc. we could look to the example of the person in the Mastery card. He is looking forward, not back. He is confident, though not overconfident. He is exercising his self-will and determination, but not at the expense of others. Use all the resources that present themselves to you, whether it be the opportunity of educational study, employment openings, people who offer help whether in a professional capacity or that of friendship. Remember that overconfidence, aggression and arrogance will turn others away but quiet confidence along with the ever-learning process of knowledge and wisdom will never fail you.

If anything strikes you as being symbolic or has meaning in the card, please say. The cards can 'speak' to all sorts of people, whether an experienced reader or someone who has never had anything to do with them before. Just pretend it's an art appreciation session. :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Lovers VI

The Lovers card depicts vulnerability, the need for commitment and the healing of a relationship. The couple in the picture are naked, except for a garland of flowers they are each wearing. Their nakedness signifies both their vulnerability and the need for truth and openness. Their complete eye contact indicates that there should be no secrets between them and they must learn to trust each other. Whatever has gone before, there is still much ardour and passion, and a strong bond between this couple. This is symbolised by the white Arum lily they are both clutching symbolising their desire, and the ferns representing a sacred bond.

The Lovers card in a spread foretells the forging of a new relationship, the strengthening of an existing one or two people (not necessarily lovers) working together to overcome problems. The angel in the Lovers Card is the Archangel Raphael, who is associated with health and the healing arts. He is there to oversee any healing that needs to take place and extends his arm in a gesture of blessing.

There is a significant presence of balance in this card. The couple represent both the male and female aspect, the sun is placed firmly in the centre of the card and the six-pointed star is composed to two equilateral triangles, one pointing heavenwards and the other towards the Earth.

Although the card speaks of trust, commitment and healing, there is a strong element of choice. Will the presence of the Archangel be acknowledged or ignored? Will healing be allowed to take place or will the wall of defences be left in place through stubbornness and pride? Will the Lovers choose to work through their differences and gain the fruits of life that are pictured here in symbolic form? Peace, represented by the white doves, is the ultimate goal and possibly constancy and everlasting love in the form of the Bluebells. A choice lies ahead. One's own intuition should be relied upon to make the right one, the choice that is worth working for.

This is my interpretation of The Lovers Card. Please comment if you have an alternative or if you see anything I have missed.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

The High Priest (V)

Align Center

The High Priest is the partner card to The High Priestess. Amidst the masculine symbols of the bull, elephant and eagle, on the priest's headwear can be seen the crescent moon, a feminine symbol. Once again this creates the balance between male and female. His robes of purple and gold tell us that he is of great importance in the Spiritual plane and, indeed, in older decks this card was often named The Pope.

Where The Emperor signified a person of wealth and earthly assets, The High Priest represents someone of a spiritual nature. He encourages us to explore our faith, morals and ethics and holds his right hand before us in blessing. He is the key to helping us find our way in the spiritual matters within our lives. We can see this by the 'door' he sits in front of; this is the door between the earth and the spiritual realm, also signified by the pine trees encased in a swirling mist. The High Priest can help us to enter this door and to make sense of the spiritual mysteries that lie before us. In his left hand he holds a sprig of the herb Vervain, which is a psychic cleanser and nervine, i.e. calms the nerves. Perhaps there are obstacles of a psychiatric and/or emotional nature that need to be dealt with before we can go any further in our spiritual quest.

On the High Priest's throne there is a carving of a bull, a sacred animal worshipped within many communities. There is also an elephant, a symbol of strength and nobility and signifies the emergence of one's highest true self. In the foreground is the Eagle, a symbol of spiritual victory. We must surrender our ego to the will of the spirit. Our ongoing endeavour to seek spiritual truth and contentment will lead us to living well as a human being upon the earth. Meditate upon the card of The High Priest and his associated animal spirits to help attain this goal.

If you should meet someone with the characteristics of The High Priest, do not be fooled by their apparent sterness; he or she is a person of great spiritual learning and will gladly help you on your path.