Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mastery VII

In most decks this card is called The Chariot, but in the deck I use (Tarot of the Old Path), it is called Mastery.

It pictures a man, clad in armoured breastplate, driving a chariot pulled by four horses. The horses represent the elements, the white one symbolising water, the blue horse with stars represents air, the green one stands for earth and the orange horse represents fire. He has an equal grasp of each of the reins suggesting that he is in control of the mission he is on. His confident determined expression shows that he is focussing fully on what lies ahead and his armoured breastplate means that he is ready to confront anything. The crab on the breastplate represents the astrological sign of Cancer. Cancer is a feminine symbol in astrology and here again is the balance, the yin and yang being shown in the cards ~ a strong powerful male character whose symbol is feminine. In everything there is balance.

His equal grasp on the reins of the elemental horses does not mean that this person is controlling the elements, but that he is making full use of all the resources at hand. This could mean working in conjunction with people around him who are involved in his situation or who can help. Lose control of just one of the horses could mean everything going awry, so co-operation is important.

Although he paints a vivid picture of someone driving wildly forth, the rider of the chariot knows full well that his strength and power alone are not enough and could alienate people around him; the sprig of hazel he carries represents knowledge and wisdom and he must rely on these qualities also.

If we are embarking on a mission, whether it be a relationship, career path, health issue, etc. we could look to the example of the person in the Mastery card. He is looking forward, not back. He is confident, though not overconfident. He is exercising his self-will and determination, but not at the expense of others. Use all the resources that present themselves to you, whether it be the opportunity of educational study, employment openings, people who offer help whether in a professional capacity or that of friendship. Remember that overconfidence, aggression and arrogance will turn others away but quiet confidence along with the ever-learning process of knowledge and wisdom will never fail you.

If anything strikes you as being symbolic or has meaning in the card, please say. The cards can 'speak' to all sorts of people, whether an experienced reader or someone who has never had anything to do with them before. Just pretend it's an art appreciation session. :)