Thursday, February 26, 2009

The High Priest (V)

Align Center

The High Priest is the partner card to The High Priestess. Amidst the masculine symbols of the bull, elephant and eagle, on the priest's headwear can be seen the crescent moon, a feminine symbol. Once again this creates the balance between male and female. His robes of purple and gold tell us that he is of great importance in the Spiritual plane and, indeed, in older decks this card was often named The Pope.

Where The Emperor signified a person of wealth and earthly assets, The High Priest represents someone of a spiritual nature. He encourages us to explore our faith, morals and ethics and holds his right hand before us in blessing. He is the key to helping us find our way in the spiritual matters within our lives. We can see this by the 'door' he sits in front of; this is the door between the earth and the spiritual realm, also signified by the pine trees encased in a swirling mist. The High Priest can help us to enter this door and to make sense of the spiritual mysteries that lie before us. In his left hand he holds a sprig of the herb Vervain, which is a psychic cleanser and nervine, i.e. calms the nerves. Perhaps there are obstacles of a psychiatric and/or emotional nature that need to be dealt with before we can go any further in our spiritual quest.

On the High Priest's throne there is a carving of a bull, a sacred animal worshipped within many communities. There is also an elephant, a symbol of strength and nobility and signifies the emergence of one's highest true self. In the foreground is the Eagle, a symbol of spiritual victory. We must surrender our ego to the will of the spirit. Our ongoing endeavour to seek spiritual truth and contentment will lead us to living well as a human being upon the earth. Meditate upon the card of The High Priest and his associated animal spirits to help attain this goal.

If you should meet someone with the characteristics of The High Priest, do not be fooled by their apparent sterness; he or she is a person of great spiritual learning and will gladly help you on your path.


  1. how would you know if you were meeting someone with characteristics of the high priest? I mean like what would be the obvious thing? I am assuming not someone super religious, but maybe I am wrong?

  2. Hi Nancy :)

    You're right, they could well be someone in a religious position or not. This person could come from any walk of life but you would recognise them by their spiritual nature, their steadfast belief in their own morals and ethics.... their whole outlook to life. They wouldn't enforce their beliefs on you but would encourage you to recognise your own beliefs. I think if there is any obvious sign of recognition it would be how easy this person is to talk to on spiritual and psychic matters, their manner in giving guidance without judgement.

    I hope this helps and thank you for the question because it helps me in my own studies. I will be doing a further update tonight, I hope. The next card is The Lovers. Ooooo er. lol