Friday, February 6, 2009

The Emperor IV

Where The Empress represents the Feminine, The Emperor card is the perfect Masculine counterpart. They are not in opposition however, but are a partnership and complimentary to each other.

Clothed in a purple robe edged with ermine, The Emperor sits in a relaxed pose. He is totally comfortable in his surroundings. With his castle in the background and children happily playing in the field, he signifies a father figure and the proud owner of many assets. The breastplate that he wears shows that he is a soldier also and has fought for everything he has attained. The children are not his though, judging by their peasant clothing. They are inhabitants of the village belonging to the castle. His power is not one of oppression, but of kindly authority, benevolance and guidance.

There is much symbolism in this card attributing to The Emperor's status. The ram signifies authority and leadership, the Iris symbolizes power and this one is purple, that most royal of colours, the Peregrine Falcon that rests on The Emperor's shoulder is the fastest animal in the world, achieving speeds approaching 200 km/h (124 mph) when plunging from the sky after prey. What a fine representation of the characteristics of The Emporer this falcon is! And on his throne is the Eagle, the ultimate icon of strength, nobility and aristocracy. For thousands of years, empires and nations have adopted the Eagle as a symbol of power.

Below the Eagle there is a carving of an Ankh (also called crux ansata, latin for 'cross with a handle'). The Ankh represents a zest for life and fertility. This is the female connection that bonds The Emperor to The Empress and gives this masculine card the female balance that is needed, for one cannot survive without the other.

If fate should lead you to an Emperor figure who offers you support and guidance, consider yourself blessed. This person will lend you the strength and determination that you need at this time. The sun is shining brightly and by having the support of this person, a burden will be lifted from your shoulders and your prospects will begin to look brighter.

Please add anything you see in this card or if you can suggest alternative meanings.

egrines are the fastest animals in the world. They are believed to achieve speeds approaching 200km/h (124mph) when plunging from the sky after prey.


  1. Hello Leslie! I know nothing about tarot cards but I thought your blog looked interesting and unique so here I am. Glad you enjoyed the pics of my family etc (I wonder sometimes if anyone ever looks at those!) Anyway, nice to meet you!

  2. I'm sure they do Nancy. We sometimes get to know people quite well on the blogs (albeit online) and it's lovely to see family photographs.

    I hope you enjoy reading about the Tarot Cards. The main thing to remember is there is no right or wrong interpretation. Much depends on the situation and everyone can bring something new and different to each card.

    There are so many different packs and many of them are very artistic. I've had three different packs, but Tarot of The Old Path is the one that feels right for me.