Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Empress III

The Empress smbolizes creation and life. She is a motherly figure and is suckling her child while pregnant with another. The child in her womb represents the gestation of something new, whether it be an idea, a project, a new business, a blossoming love or perhaps a pregnancy. The expectant Empress is advising us that, whatever it is we are embarking upon, we need to take care and be patient, we need to give careful thought to our plans, be kind and considerate and nurture this new thing with a mother's love, just as she is caring for her child.

The close-grown forest is still there in the background. It is not yet a time for looking ahead into the distant future, but a time to cater to the needs of this time and day. The stream is also still there but it is no longer running quickly downwards. It is travelling more slowly now and it also says that we need to take things steadily, build a secure platform on which to place our future hopes and plans. We needn't worry that our plans will not come to fruition because the Empress is surrounded by symbols of fertility such as the Hare and the pomegranate, a fruit composed mainly of seeds and representing abundance. And the cherries, also known as 'the fruits of Paradise', symbolizes sweetness of character, indicating success in good works. The lotus flower on the Empresses staff also signifies the blossoming of wholesome deeds and because it is wholly opened, it represents full enlightenment. There also is the Robin, a bird that traditional gypsies believe are bringers of good fortune. What we have to do is place our trust in the Empress and be assured that the universe will provide what is needful to us, and we have a protector in the form of the Stag, the only male aspect of the Empress card. As well as a protective symbol, he is there to add balance for, as male cannot survive without female, neither can female survive without male.

Of course, we must not surmise that the way ahead will always be easy. We will sometimes be vulnerable like the moth and we may also suffer hardships, just as the sacrificial lamb suffered but if we remain steadfast, following the example of the woodpigeons - gentle birds of homing instinct - we will be blessed with love (as in the symbol of Venus, goddess of love, on the Empresses shield) and abundance, signified by the ripe wheat.

I would love to hear from anyone who would like to comment on my interpretation or who could add to it.

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