Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Magician (I)

As you would expect, this card is all about magic, intuition, connecting with one's innerself and the communion between self and the gods.

There are many magical symbols in this card, such as the stone circle where people would worship their gods. It is a symbol of communion between man and god. The moon and stars are celestial bodies and the forked lighning represents the joining of heavenly forces to the Earth.

In this card, the fool is now seen to be the magician..... surrounded by everything he needs to commune with the heavens and lead him on in his spiritual journey. As he consults the rune stones, he is in communion (the goblet of wine is a symbol of communion) round the fire with his friend the Wolf. In modern times the wolf has acquired an undeserved reputation as a fearsome creature. In reality, the wolf symbolizes learning, intuition, wisdom and loyalty. Wolf tells people to seek out solitude to find the teacher within the self. He helps people to learn to trust insights when they learn to value the inner voice.

The Unicorn is a magical creature which has come to symbolize beauty, purity and goodness. The Unicorn is there to help the magician to work good magic and protect him from evil.

The magician wears the antlers of a Stag. The Stag is a very wise animal, one who is unwilling to assail enemies rashly, who would rather stand his own ground than harm another wrongfully, and one who will not fight unless provoked. The Stag was associated with healing, for he knew which medicinal plants to take in order to shake off the hunter's arrow. The person bearing this symbol was considered impervious to weapons. Therefore the Stag's antlers represent protection from illness, disease and attack.

Like the magician, we too must seek out people or animal totems that will help us on our spiritual journey. Those who would protect us from evil and show us the way of wisdom.

If you can comment any further on this interpretation, please do so.

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